Services Offered

We offer an inclusive yet diverse spectrum of services. Our complete set of services focuses on building a platform where employers can find suitable candidates without going into trouble and resource consumption of the complete recruitment process. After several checks and tests, our team ultimately decides on the most valuable skill set for the required job. Cynosure Corporate Solutions also offers solutions for permanent staffing. A permanent employee must be committed to working with you for a long time and have a good skill set. Because of this, we provide exceptionally reliable permanent labour choices for demanding projects.

Demand increases for many businesses at particular seasons. In such a situation, the available labour force cannot keep up with operations and production needs. Cynosure Corporate Solutions provides seasonal employment solutions to assist businesses in meeting their staffing needs during peak times. If your businesses operate on projects, the labour needs will alter as necessary. Using the comprehensive suite of project-based hiring services offered by us, businesses can find the required human resource on a project basis. We also provide tailored headhunting services for your company, helping you develop a senior-level workforce across various industries while we comprehend the essential personnel tasks. We provide placement assistance for individuals with the necessary skills and skill sets. Additionally, we have a sizable network of businesses that we can use to find people with the most significant career opportunities. 


Cynosure Corporate Solutions recruitment service guarantees that the ideal individual will be found from the pool of prospective leads. Our team finally settles on the most effective skill set for the desired work after conducting numerous checks and tests. As a result, we have helped numerous prestigious businesses and significant corporations develop highly effective workforces.

Permanent Staffing

Finding a recruitment agency is a tough choice, when you select us, you’ve made the right choice. We always make sure you get the best quality of services, since this is our core strength for years. Compromising on quality never was/is an option with us. We specialize in IT and non – IT recruitment services as per specific requirements given to us by budding to well-established companies in Chennai, and provide resources that are suited and productive. Our services possess a subscription of the commonly used portals along with the others to fetch multiple candidates. We also efficiently use social media to attract top candidates with an aim of enhancing their career. We make our processes simple and effective. From selecting the right candidates to making the right choice, whichever position they might be i.e. entry level, mid-level, senior level, we are happy to help with the process.

We have multiple posting for all the job roles we work on and it is only a click away. The Job descriptions and details are mentioned so candidates can easily apply for the same. 

Reasons to choose our services:

·         We ensure to provide you with best candidates at all times, so they are appropriate for your job venture.

·         We support clients with their current and future positions

·         We offer help from recruited candidates to tackle challenges.

·         We bridge the gap between clients and candidates to run business effectively and efficiently.

·         The entire process is done smoothly, the client makes the final decision

·         We carry out other formalities before joining

·         We stick to time schedules given by our client

·     We provide the best.

Contract Staffing

We are a contract staffing agency that deals with short term employment ranging from 3 months to 1 year. We provide our clients with cost effective and efficient candidates who will be able to perform the job role well. The demand for contractual agencies are increasing and we are here at the right moment. Clients look for service providers who are able to collaborate and partner between employers and contract recruitment. We help clients get their resources in a short span of time and make sure their needs are met just the way they expect. Getting short term candidates helps businesses have their flexibility, and this can be achieved by us, as we have years of experience in the same. We follow a disciplined process in the recruitment of temporary candidates as we do with permanent ones and the candidates we have in our updated database are willing to work on diverse roles. Being in the industry for years, we are able to immediately assess the business needs and objectives and provide resources that are productive and effective accordingly. 

Contract to Hire

Contract to hire give organizations the opportunity to evaluate a candidate over a period of time before onboarding them at the end of the contract term. Contract to hire enables companies to determine not only the candidate’s competency, but also cultural and behavioral fit.

Reasons to choose our services:

·         We never charge candidates and offer rates for our services that are the best in the market.

·         Since we have a large database, we can send candidates to your location or wherever you need them.

·         We always maintain quality, some of our contract staff are as qualified as the permanent ones. You can be confident about their capability.

·         We supply manpower in the quickest time possible.

·         We make sure there is no delay of any sort, so there is minimum lead time.

·         We always strive to work in a manner that brings satisfaction from the clients and the candidates. 

Seasonal Hiring

We have managed staffing needs for many new businesses, expansions of existing businesses, seasonal, promotional and closed industry events. We leverage our reach and ability to attract qualified candidates for such roles. Our company’s recruiters helps to find quality talent more easily and quickly. It’s about phasing in thousands of people for upcoming projects. 

Temporary Hiring

Cynosure Corporate Solutions has successfully provided strategic consulting and talent solutions to leading companies across India. Technology drives our passion and commitment to helping organizations do what they set out to do. When we get involved, we bring new ideas that help you improve your performance, Hone your strategy, and recharge your batteries. The future and how we get there depends on those who build, connect, create and transform our world. The most successful and innovative companies are already doing this and we are trained experts to provide you with the resources you need to thrive. 

Project based Hiring

The requirements for project-based contracting are increasing. With the development of several new projects, contracting has increased in recent times. At Cynosure Corporate Solutions, we help you recruit contract workers who have the skills to meet your immediate needs. If you are looking for project-based employment, we can help you on a timely basis. Work culture is constantly evolving over time. It is important for every company to understand that there is a lack of qualified employees who commit themselves to an organization in the long term. Companies have urgent needs when it comes to a project that requires special skills. This need has led to an increase in hiring for project-based positions that offer companies multiple flexibility options. You’ll get the results you want from these hired resources, but don’t have the additional responsibilities and obligations of a regular employee.

Reasons to choose our services:

·         Total loyalty to the specific requirements of the job.

·         We provide employees willing to follow company policies.

·         Our team has in-depth knowledge of different working styles that will bring you the best resource.

·         We help you judge an employee in advance, which can lead to a fruitful permanent position in later phases.

·         There are times when clients need candidates immediately. We are experts in recruiting candidates on an immediate       basis.

·         Our rates are the best in the market

·         We help find replacements immediately

·     We select candidates based on company preferences.

Until now, we have offered our services to 750+ projects where we have successfully helped build an efficient workforce which provides evident increase in productivity. Moreover, with 18+ years of experience in the industry, we have gained expertise in recruitment and workforce planning services. So contact us now, for the best workforce building services.