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Which transmission technique guarantees that data packets will be received by the receiver in the same order in which they were sent by the sender?
Which of the following control fields in TCP header is used to specify whether the sender has no more data to transmit?
Which are the two modes of IP security?
A message "COMPUTERNETWORK" encrypted (ignore quotes) using columnar transposition cipher with a key "LAYER". The encrypted message is :
Suppose a digitized voice channel is made by digitizing 8 kHz bandwidth analog voice signal. It is required to sample the signal at twice the highest frequency (two samples per hertz). What is the bit rate required, if it is assumed that each sample requires 8 bits?
The maximum payload of a TCP segment is :
In a binary Hamming Code the number of check digits is r then number of message digits is equal to :
In a digital transmission, the receiver clock is 0.1 percent faster than the sender clock. How many extra bits per second does the receiver receive if the data rate is 1 Mbps?
Ten signals, each requiring 3000 Hz, are multiplexed on to a single channel using FDM. How much minimum bandwidth is required for the multiplexed channel ? Assume that the guard bands are 300 Hz wide.
Ethernet uses a ______ physical address that is imprinted on the network interface card (NIC).
You have 10 users plugged into a hub running 10Mbps half-duplex. There is a server connected to the switch running 10Mbps half-duplex as well. How much bandwidth does each host have to the server?
How many bytes are in Ethernet address?
How different computers are connected to a LAN by a cable?
How many bits are there in the Ethernet address?
On an Ethernet network, this is the unit of data that is transmitted between network points. It has explicit minimum and maximum lengths and a set of required pieces of information that must appear within it.
_____ transmission technology (based on Ethernet) provides a data rate of 1 billion bits per second.
A personal computer or workstation on an Ethernet network must have one of these cards.
This is a device that can be used to connect one Ethernet network to another nearby Ethernet network.
What is the hexadecimal equivalent of the Ethernet address 01011010 00010001 01010101 00011000 10101010 00001111?
The GSM network is divided into the following three major systems :
The Mobile Application Protocol (MAP) typically runs on top of which protocol ?
If a packet arrive with an M-bit value is '1' and a fragmentation offset value '0', then it is ______ fragment.
The design issue of Datalink Layer in OSI Reference Model is
Coaxial cables are categorized by Radio Government rating are adapted for specialized functions. Category RG-59 with impedance 75Ω used for
AES is a round cipher based on the Rijndal Algorithm that uses a 128-bit block of data. AES has three different configurations. ______ rounds with a key size of 128 bits, ______ rounds with a key size of 192 bits and ______ rounds with a key size of 256 bits.
Data Encryption Techniques are particularly used for _______.
An example of a layer that is absent in broadcast networks is:
The ATM cell is
The technique of temporarily delaying outgoing acknowledgements so that they can be hooked onto the next outgoing data frame is known as
Using RSA algorithm, what is the value of cipher text C, if the plain text M = 5 and p = 3, q = 11 & d = 7 ?
In classful addressing, an IP address belongs to ______ class format.
When data and acknowledgement are sent in the same frame, this is called as
Encryption and Decryption is the responsibility of ___ Layer.
An analog signal carries 4 bits in each signal unit. If 1000 signal units are sent per second, then baud rate and bit rate of the signal are ________ and ____________
The VLF and LF bauds use propagation for communication
Using the RSA public key crypto system, if p = 13, q = 31 and d = 7, then the value of e is
Which of the following is widely used inside the telephone system for long-haul data traffic?
The message 11001001 is to be transmitted using the CRC polynomial x3 +1 to protect it from errors. The message that should be transmitted is :
What is the bit rate for transmitting uncompressed 800 x 600 pixel colour frames with 8 bits/pixel at 40 frames/second?
In IPV 4, the IP address belongs to
Which layer of OSI reference model is responsible for decomposition of messages and generation of sequence numbers to 'ensure correct re-composition from end to end of the network?'
26.A client-server system uses a satellite network, With the satellite at a height of 40,000 kms. What is the best-case delay in response to a request (Note that the speed of light in air is 3,00,000 km/second).
The start and stop bits are used in serial communication for
___________ is a type of transmission impairment in which the SIgnal looses strength due to The resistance of the transmission medium.
An analog signal has a bit rate of 6000 bps and a baud rate of 2000 baud. How many data elements are carried by each signal element?
In a classful addressing, first four bits in Class A IP address is
How many distinct stages are there in DES algorithm, which is parameterized by a 56-bit key?
Which of the following algorithms is not a broadcast routing algorithm?
35.The period of a signal is 10 ms. What is its frequency in Hertz?
For n devices in a network, ____ , number of duplex-mode links are required, for a mesh topology.
How many characters per second (7 bits + 1 parity) can be transmitted over a 3200 bps line if the transfer is asynchronous? (Assuming 1 start bit and 1 stop bit)
Which of the following is not a field in TCP header ?
_________________ is a bit-oriented protocol for communication over point-to-point and multi-point links .
What is the propagation time if the distance between the two points is 48,900 ? Assume the propagation speed to be 2.4 x 108 meter/second in cable.
Which one of the following is true for asymmetric-key cryptography?
A Trojan horse is
In substitution, a character in the plaintext is always changed to the same character in the ciphertext, regardless of its position in the text
Using data p=3, q=11, n=pq, d=7 in RSA algorithm find the cipher text of the given plain text SUZANNE
Which of the following protocols is an application layer protocol that establishes, manages and terminates multimedia sessions?
Which of the following is not associated with the session layer ?
What is the size of the 'total length' field in IPv4 datagram ?
Which of the following is/are restriction(s) in classless addressing ?
The process of dividing an analog signal into a string of discrete outputs, each of constant amplitude, is called :
A terminal multiplexer has six 1200 bps' terminals and 'n' 300 bps terminals connected to it. If the outgoing line is 9600 bps, what is the value of n ?
Which of the following is used in the options field of IPv4 ?
Which layers of the OSI reference model are host-to-host layers ?
A network on the Internet has a subnet mask of What is the maximum number of hosts it can handle ?
Four bits are used for packed sequence numbering in a sliding window protocol used in a computer network. What is the maximum window size ?
A Multiplexer combines four 100-Kbps channels using a time slot of 2 bits. What is the bit rate ?
In a fully connected mesh network with 10 computers, total ______ number of cables are required and ____ number of ports are required for each device.
In TCP/IP reference model, the job of ____ layer is to permit hosts to inject packets into any network and travel them independently to the destination.
If there are N people in the world and are using secret key encryption/decryption for privacy purpose, then number of secret keys required will be:
Optical fiber uses reflection to guide light through a channel, in which angle of incedence is _______ the critical angle.
An attacker sits between customer and Banker, and captures the information from the customer and retransmits to the banker by altering the information. This attack is called as ..............
The maximum size of the data that the application layer can pass on to the TCP layer below is .........
A packet whose destination is outside the local TCP/IP network segment is sent to ..............
Distance vector routing algorithm is a dynamic routing algorithm. The routing tables in distance vector routing algorithm are updated ...........
In link state routing algorithm after the construction of link state packets, new routes are computed using:
Suppose there are n stations in a slotted LAN. Each station attempts to transmit with a probability P in each time slot. The probability that only one station transmits in a given slot is ..................
Station A uses 32 byte packets to transmit messages to station B using sliding window protocol. The round trip delay between A and B is 40 milli seconds and the bottleneck bandwidth on the path between A and B is 64 kbps. The optimal window size of A is
Let G(x) be generator polynomial used for CRC checking. The condition that should be satisfied by G(x) to correct odd numbered error bits, will be:
In a packet switching network, if the message size is 48 bytes and each packet contains a header of 3 bytes. If 24 packets are required to transmit the message, the packet size is ................
A node X on a 10 Mbps network is regulated by a token bucket. The token bucket is filled at a rate of 2 Mbps. Token bucket is initially filled with 16 megabits. The maximum duration taken by X to transmit at full rate of 10 Mbps is ............ secs.
Which of the following statements is not true with respect to microwaves?
In a fast Ethernet cabling, 100 Base-TX uses ........... cable and maximum segment size is ............
A network with bandwidth of 10 Mbps can pass only an average of 12,000 frames per minute with each frame carrying an average of 10,000 bits. What is the throughput of this network ?
Which of the following protocols is used by email server to maintain a central repository that can be accessed from any machine?
An attacker sits between the sender and receiver and captures the information and retransmits to the receiver after some time without altering the information. This attack is called as ..............
Suppose transmission rate of a channel is 32 kbps. If there are ‘8’ routes from source to destination and each packet p contains 8000 bits. Total end to end delay in sending packet P is ................
Consider the following statements :
Which of the following is correct ?
Which address is used in an internet employing the TCP/IP protocols?
Which address identifies a process on a host?
Transmission data rate is decided by
When collection of various computers seems a single coherent system to its client, then it is called
Two devices are in network if
Which one of the following computer network is built on the top of another network?
In computer network nodes are
Communication channel is shared by all the machines on the network in
Bluetooth is an example of
A _____ is a device that forwards packets between networks by processing the routing information included in the packet.

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