Cynosure Corporate Solutions has been helping company HRs, and businesses build an efficient workforce for 18+ years. So if you are looking for suitable candidates with an advanced skillset, then you have come to the right place. So contact us now to explore the world of talents and skills to get a productive workforce. 

Why Choose Us?

We work with clients and requirements in different geographies of the country thus providing them with great flexibility in meeting their recruitment needs. Having handled 75000+ Short term staffing needs of clients we specialize in recruitments with large scale requirements and shorter turnaround time. The services offered by us also include Executive Search, and other HR aligned services. With extensive domain knowledge and rich experience in the field, we are committed to exhibiting our services with professional competency. We are backed by the comprehensive and industry leading databases updated every day.

  • Resource optimization

Cynosure Corporate Solutions provide complete resource optimization to businesses with its advanced recruitment services. We help you advance towards the most efficient and skilled workforce without dedicating effort or resources. Our team handles the complete process from recruitment to orientation which helps you divert your resources to your core operations.

  • Tailored solutions

We offer customized solutions based on the needs of the organizations. Every business and industry is different. According to the job descriptions, they also need workers. Cynosure Corporate Solutions offers a specially crafted workforce recruitment process to meet each job requirement. We search our database for the prospective skill set using the clients’ criteria.

  • Flexibility

When you connect with us, you can experience complete flexibility in your hiring process. Several industries only get seasonal demands or contract-based projects so that you can hire employees as per your requirements with complete flexibility. We provide contract-based hiring, temporary hiring and project-based hiring.

  • A wide range of services

We provide you with a full range of services, including executive search, senior and middle management hiring, market intelligence, and interim management.

  • Bridging the gap

For employers and employees, we work as the bridge between the people looking for skilled candidates and those who have the skills to do the job skilfully.

  • Broad database

To meet the needs of our customer base on both ends, we have a sizable database of individuals and job profiles. Additionally, our strong network in 20+ states and liaising at a greater level enable us to engage with various corporate partners in order to create the appropriate people for the right jobs.

  • Exposure to a range of industries

With more than 20+ years of expertise in the field, we are among Chennai’s top staffing and recruitment firms. Our teams have successfully managed 50000+ workforce requirements for large to small businesses and completed 750+ projects with flying colours.

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Why do you need our Recruitment Services?

In today’s competitive world, the number of workers needed varies by industry and demand. In order to discover the best candidates for the job profiles, organizations must allocate separate resources. The firms must invest a significant amount of time, money, and effort in this in addition to their core duties.

We have assisted various businesses in lowering their administrative expenses and liabilities related to human resource management. We can assist you whether you need mass recruitment for temporary staffing or contract hiring. The team at Cynosure Corporate Solutions is committed to providing clients with the best staffing options. We are aiming to create a platform where businesses can find workforce solutions that are uniquely suited to them in order to increase performance and productivity. Human resources are the foundation of any business enterprise. The main goal of Cynosure Corporate Solutions is to provide dedicated support for creating a productive workforce with a competitive edge. To get more information about our services, contact us now. 

Our Process

We have a well-structured process to help your clients get the best outcomes.

·         Discussion

The process begins with a discussion where we try to understand your business requirements and expectations from the candidates. Then, our team deeply looks at the industry to understand the required skillset and talent to do the job efficiently. Moreover, we try to understand the work culture to find a candidate who fits it perfectly.

·         Process design

Next, we begin our process design for hire. Here we set the candidature and standards for the job position we are hiring for. Again, it is done through the previously collected data.

·         Database research and screening

The next step is database research, where we look for potential candidates and begin the screening process of resumes as per the job requirements.

·         Interviewing and selection

       Our experts begin the interview process, and further selection is ensured as per the performance of the candidates.  

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