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CYnosure Mission

Cynosure aims to provide HR Solutions for Start-ups, SME’s looking for a dedicated recruitment partner.

cynosure vision

Provide Customised Recruitment and HR solutions for Start-ups and SME’s with high end professionalism and retain them with cost effectiveness and Value Added Services.

about us

Cynosure Corporate Solutions is a human capital services company. Our focus is to provide Executive Search, Recruitment, Training, Temporary Staffing services, Statutory Compliances, and other HR aligned services. We understand the business goals of our clients and their need to align human resources to these goals. We are committed to provide high quality manpower in accordance to global standards and their requirements.

Our candidates stand testimony to our professional competency. One of the major tools in the process is our cloud based databank, which is updated every day. Besides, we are affiliated to various Career Portals, which gives us access to quality resumes of candidates in various fields.

Cynosure inspires people to take the first move and improve their lives by providing opportunities which are stepping stones in the career of a candidate. We have trained people to dream big and realize their dreams.

Cynosure has changed the way employers screen their candidates, and the perception of candidates about their prospective employers, by carefully selecting a scientific process of recruitment techniques making best use of available technologies

Focusing on serving SME’s and corporate houses, We bring Customer the solutions they need. We also operate a Self service online portal which attracts and addresses varied Recruitment and HR needs.

We are expanding our footprints in multiple areas to serve our customers better, we continuously team up with Domain experts, service providers, technology specialists and vendors, to provide a host of new services as desired by the client


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